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MAREMonday 16

On 07.11.2022 we present the 16th session of our online lecture series with a contribution by

Judith Gatt
(Aix-Marseille University (Centre Camille Jullian) – University of Cyprus)

The „hidden monuments“ of the Cypriot-Polities. Studying the harbour structures of Cyprus. Challenges, Research Issues, Methodology, and Future Perspectives.


In 2005 John Leonard defended his thesis titled “Roman Cyprus: Harbors, Hinterlands, and Hidden Powers”. His work highlighted the importance of the Cypriot harbours throughout the island’s history as well as their potential for future research. Although the study of the ancient harbours of Cyprus has attracted the attention of many since the very beginning of maritime archaeology on the island, they remain relatively unknown when it comes to their harbour structures. Varying descriptions of these now submerged and semi-submerged structures have been given by many travellers and archaeologists but several questions regarding their construction techniques, dating, function, and connection with the coastal settlements remain to be answered.  

The above-mentioned research issues will be presented with a variety of examples from the harbours of the island, hand in hand with the challenges and limitations that this study faces. Parallel to that, the various approaches and methodologies that have been applied so far in the research as well as the future potential research in the framework of this PhD thesis (and not only) will be discussed. This research proposes a new perspective on the harbours of the island, this time focusing on their “hidden monuments”, the harbour structures, as a key element to further understand the history of the harbour sites of Cyprus.


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